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Top Dog Training Academy Off Leash Training



Dear Top Dog Client,


Graduation day is almost here. Please understand that even though your dog came to us for training it will take time and consistency to keep these commands instilled in them. With that being said we can do amazing things in a short time but it is just the beginning. The foundation is laid and it is strong. We added wanted behaviors and eliminated unwanted behaviors.


Real results equal 10% trainer and 90% owner. It is up to us to pass on the torch and to provide you with the education, information, and opportunity for continued success at home. What we now need from you is this... For best results your dog needs both mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis.


The following four steps will help you continue progress:

(1) Identify and eliminate the bad habits inside the home that most likely created the behavioral issues. Remember, they will test boundaries once home. 

(2) Replace the bad habits with good habits.

(3) Structure, rules, and boundaries followed consistently.

(4) Positive interaction with you through play and formal obedience.


#1-3 take no time out of your day to implement. You’re always training whether you know it or not. The dog knows it, believe us! # 4 takes very little time. Couple of minutes a couple of times a day goes a long way. Keep it simple.There must be rewards for doing right and there must be consequences for doing wrong. Reward good behavior whether you ask for it or not. Correct unwanted behavior quickly. If you do not correct unwanted behavior you are rewarding it.


OBEDIENCE: Continue to master and work on the basics. Practice makes perfect! You can not put the tools and commands in the drawer once home and expect your dog to listen. Practice! 

* Come, sit, down, place, heel, door manners, out and leave it.

* Practice on leash, off leash, with tools, without tools.

* Continue to work on adding duration of commands, continue to work on adding distance to commands, continue on adding distractions to training

* Practice everywhere to master the basics under all conditions


HEEL: Strive for daily structured walks. No sniffing the ground, the dog must be at your side or slightly behind, change speeds, normal speed, fast pace, very slow, at least until the walk is mastered.


FREE WALK: Long leash line where the dog can move about freely, practice recall and all other basic commands on the free walk, implement play on the free walk, mix it walk, structured walk, obedience and play is the ideal training session.

JUMPING: Please understand that dogs naturally get excited like humans. With excitement sometimes comes jumping up on people. Once your dog is home and you set the rules to what’s acceptable and not acceptable within the home, the dog will then understand that jumping will not be allowed if this is one of your pet peeves. When they are with us they learn not to jump because we have set the rule as soon as they came to stay with us. Now you have to set and reinforce your rules. Use the “Off” command to stop the jumping. 


BREAK COMMAND: If the dog does not know it’s release command it’s that much harder for the dog to know how to remain in command. This command is the dog’s reward!

NEW BEHAVIORS: Teach your dog something new, even if it won’t be used much and/or is just for fun. Take your time and you’ll see you both of you grow as a team


KENNEL TIME: While your dog was with us they learned that the kennel was a positive place, not a form of punishment. We want them to look at their kennel as their sanctuary, a place to relax and even sleep. It’s ok to use a kennel! 


PERSONAL SPACE: If your dog is under your feet either use the place/ down command OR put them in their kennel. 

BE A LEADER NOT A DICTATOR, BE FIRM BUT NOT ANGRY, BE FAIR AND CONSISTENT! We don’t need perfection in the positions, we need perfection in the attitude. Most of all enjoy the process and the time that you have together.



The Trainer will call about 5 days before training ends to schedule a time and meeting place for the Graduation Lesson. The lesson location will be at our training center located in Hammond: 40521 Pumpkin Center Rd. Hammond, La 70403. Mike The Dog Trainer ONLY does Graduations in Hammond at the training center.

✅ Please be on time for this Lesson. The Trainer may have another graduation scheduled and this can hold everyone up. Children under 6 must have an additional adult present during lesson whose responsibility is in supervising that child. DO NOT bring other pets with you from home to the session unless this is part of the reintegration and approved by the Trainer. Also ONLY the owners and immediate family members can be at the Graduation and are the only ones that will be taught how to implement the commands at home. We do not allow 3rd party people to watch or work the dog: i.e. groomers, dog walkers/sitters, etc.

✅ Please LIMIT the Graduation Lesson to 2 people learning the system and practicing with the dog and Trainer. You can teach other family members once you get home.
Be prepared to PAY ATTENTION to the Trainer! This session is VERY IMPORTANT to the continued success with your dog once you get home. Please expect the lesson to last anywhere from 1-2 hours and be prepared to learn and work with your dog. By fully completing this lesson will Guarantee your training warranty. (See Contract)
✅ When you first meet up with the Trainer they may NOT have the dog with them. Your dog may be in the car, in a controlled environment, while you guys go over the use of the collar and the foundation of the training.
✅ When they do bring your dog out of the car please DO NOT judge them for the first 10-15 minutes because they have missed you and will be super excited to see you again. They may jump because they missed you and will be excited, but we will show you how to correct this behavior after. 
✅ The transition may be stressful for the dog, so the Trainer will stop during the lesson if the dog needs a break. They always do what’s BEST for the dog.
✅ DO NOT expect perfection at this lesson. This is a transition to transfer leadership back to you, the owner. It will take you time to learn the system, the collar usage, terminology, etc. The owner understands that although the dog(s) will learn obedience and new routines while in the care of the Trainer, it will be their responsibility to continue and maintain the learning upon their return to the home environment. Dogs do not generalize well; this means that behavior taught while in our care will only be solidified through clean, calm and consistent "repetition" once home. Top Dog recommends owners commitment to continued training with their dog.
✅ You will be issued a TRAINING REFERENCE GUIDE at the end. We recommend that you do read it and keep it on hand.
✅ Lastly... This is a BIG DAY, so prepared to take a Graduation picture with your dog!




CALL: (855) 326-5527





CALL: (855) 326-5527





(888) 949-6559


I hereby acknowledge that I have been instructed on the proper usage and wear of the e-collar system for my dog that was provided to me by Top Dog Training Academy LLC and fully understand the methods and techniques of what to do and what not to do with the e-collar.  I accept any and all responsibility of use, including negligent and misuse of the e-collar.  Furthermore, I have been advised of the following:


  1. I will only have the collar on my dog when I am with them and will remove it when I am not, that was described to me by Top Dog.

  2. I will remove the collar every night prior to bed (or daytime if I work the night shift and sleep during the day), that was described and shown to me by Top Dog.

  3. When I put the collar on my dog, I will ensure that it is the two finger tight method, that was described and shown to me by Top Dog.

  4. If my dog will be wearing the collar for longer than 3 to 4 hours at any given time, I will check and move the collar to a different location on my dog’s neck if necessary, that was described and shown to me by Top Dog.

  5. I will only place the collar unit on my dog’s neck below the ears, that was described and shown to me by Top Dog.

  6. If the collar or area near the collar gets wet, I will remove the collar, dry the area where the collar was placed, and then put the collar back on my dog, that was described and shown to me by Top Dog.

  7. I will not attach a leash to the e-collar but use a separate collar or harness to prevent the collar from rubbing on the dogs neck, that was described and shown to me by Top Dog.


Having clearly understood the above mentioned, I hereby waive and release Top Dog, its employees, contractors, owners and agents, of any and all claims while on the grounds, at home or any area your dog is, thereto, resulting from participation in Top Dog including specifically, but without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, including my own.  I understand that I hold Top Dog harmless from any medical bills, legal fees, or any other costs associated with the misuse of the e-collar.  


Finally, I understand that the success of my dog relies largely on my part of training with my dog once the dog comes home.  I agree that all obedience commands guaranteed to me by Top Dog have been trained into my dog and that it has been demonstrated to me that my dog can do said commands. I understand how to control and train my dog using Top Dog’s methods that have been shown and demonstrated to me.


HOW IS THE GRADUATION SCHEDULED? The Trainer will contact you about 5 days before the training end date to schedule the meeting place and time. The Graduation will be scheduled on your contract training end date and is done between the hours of 8:00 am -  5:00 pm. Please make yourself available on this date for up to 2 hours. The time can not be scheduled far in advance due to possible Trainer schedule changes and possible upcoming inclement weather. Weekend Graduation dates are available upon the Trainers availability at sign up and there is an additional $250 Weekend Service Charge. 

WHERE DO WE MEET FOR THE GRADUATION? The Graduation usually takes place at our training center 40521 Pumpkin Center Rd. Hammond, La 70403 or at one of our designated parks. This neutral meeting place is BEST to teach you the commands the dog was taught at training camp. In home Graduations are usually too much for the dog upon coming home from weeks at training camp; that's why we like a neutral setting, like a park. Mike The Dog Trainer ONLY does Graduations at our Hammond Training Center located at 42431 Solar Dr. Hammond, La 70403.

WHY CAN'T WE MEET PAST 5:00 PM? Because certain times a year it gets dark early and we just keep the times consistent year round that graduations are done between business hours. It's also hard to work at night if we had to work outside, and no one likes mosquitoes. 

WHAT IF I CAN NOT MEET ON THE GRADUATION DATE & TIME? If you can not meet the Trainer please let them know at least 48 hours in advance. We CAN NOT promise a time change on the scheduled date. If you have to pick up at a later date then there is a $50 per day boarding charge. The Trainer's schedules are VERY tight, so please pre-plan to be available the day of the Graduation. The Trainer will set an exact time and meeting place about 5 days before the training ends. 

WILL I HAVE TO CONTINUE WORKING WITH MY DOG ONCE IT GETS HOME? YES! To continue the pattern of good behavior and for the owner to master the obedience. USE IT or LOSE IT! Continue to work as a TEAM so your dog can live it's best life! Remember... your dog knows these commands, you don't. You just learned how to implement the commands once home, so Practice Makes Perfect! Got Questions? Call your Trainer OR Call (888) 949-6559.


WILL MY DOG BE THE SAME DOG ONCE IT COMES HOME? NO, even better! Your dog will have their same personality because we build their confidence and trust while with us for training, we don't change who they are. Your dog was also socialized a lot with other dogs while with us, so returning home to being an only dog may be a little adjustment. If they mope around, give them time to settle back in and learn to be the only dog again! Remember, in most cases your dog was home all day sleeping while you worked, they came to training and had a more active environment the last few weeks (training, playing, field trips, etc), once they return home they want to relax and that's OK. And last, your dog may have calmed down due to training, so of course their behavior may be a little more docile. Enjoy your calmer and newly trained dog. Example: If you send a 6 month old rambunctious puppy for basic training and they return home listening and calmer, it's NOT a bad thing! 

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT FROM MY DOG ONCE WE GET HOME? Please understand that the Trainer has had your dog for 1-6 weeks and the dog has become acclimated to the Trainer and the commands coming from them, plus we they set the rules within their home during training. It may take a few days or up to a week for the dog to understand that you are now the boss/leader now and what the rules are now at home. This requires you and your dog to work as a TEAM so you can regain that leadership role. 

Sometimes your dog may experience stress diarrhea when returning home and we rarely see this happen. Dog diarrhea is caused for numerous reasons including stress. Common stressful situations that can trigger gastrointestinal (GI) upset in a dog include adoption, boarding, increased activity (training), separation anxiety, changes in the household or environment (back and forth from owner to trainer and back to owner), introductions of a new pet or family member, change in water PH, etc. So... if your dog experiences this once home; don't be alarmed! Try some home remedies (canned pumpkin) and after a day or so, if not cleared/clearing up then contact your Vet and they may have to subscribe a little medicine. 

WILL MY DOG BE GOOD AROUND MY NEW BABY? There is no definite YES or NO to this question. We always tell Clients to use proper safety at all times when dogs and children mix. Also it's important to teach children as they get older how to properly handle themselves around family pets and strange dogs. We have a handout in the reference guide that goes over this. It is the Client's responsibility to use their best judgement when it comes to their dog(s) and children. Please see the back of the Reference Guide for guidelines on mixing dogs with children.

WHY IS MY DOG SHEDDING? Sometimes we give dogs baths before returning home. The grooming after a bath sometimes triggers shedding. Even professional groomers experience this with some dogs; they are bathed & groomed and still shed a little after grooming.

DO YOU RECOMMEND MY DOG BE CRATED/KENNELED WHILE I AM NOT HOME? YES. We ONLY recommend this, but it is totally up to you if you want to continue implementing this or you want your dog to run free while you are not home. We got them use to a crate/kennel while they were with us so continuing should be easy. Now just remember... we don't guarantee chewing, digging, potty accidents or marking... so make sure you can trust your dog if left out while you are away from the home. We ONLY guarantee the obedience/commands. Here are 3 crates/kennels we recommend and that we use in our homes and cars. Just choose the size that best fits your dog. Make sure to get one that your dog will be comfortable in, not too small! PETCO     AMAZON     BASS PRO SHOP

DID YOU POTTY TRAIN MY DOG WHILE WITH YOU? We DO NOT guarantee potty training! Although we do work with your dog on using the bathroom outside and also keep them on a schedule by bringing them out 5-6 times a day. 

HOW DO I UPGRADE MY DOG'S TRAINING? If your dog went through our 2 Week ON LEASH Program and now you want it OFF LEASH, you can upgrade for a 10 Day Board N' Train at a later date. We need 3 of those 10 days to make sure the dog is up to date on it's commands before attempting off leash control training. The cost is $1500. This will also upgrade your program Guarantee. 


  • WHY does my dog have to wear the e-collar? Because it is for backup. It isn’t to be used to over stimulate, but to communicate with the dog. This is the method that was used for this program and you will need to continue implementing this method once home.


  • WHEN does my dog have to wear the e-collar? Anytime it’s out and about with you and you’re going to be holding the dog accountable. The only time the collar does not need to be on is when you are not home or when you are sleeping.


  • Will my dog ever be able to be off the collar permanently? We as Trainers live by this motto… “Better safe to have it on and not need it, then need it and don’t have it on.”. This even goes for our non aggressive dogs.


  • If you do not have an enclosed yard then your dog should be on a leash, in a dog yard or on a lead. NO OFF LEASH CONTROL ALLOWED with Aggression Management cases!


  • Listen and follow the Trainer’s recommendations for your dog for continued success. As professionals we know how to keep you and your dog safe. REMEMBER… other people may not have trained and well behaved dogs, so it’s up to you to keep your dog in control at all times. Remove yourself and your dog from any situations you don’t feel comfortable in.


  • As per the contract you know that Aggression is NOT a guaranteed fix but we provided your dog with not only obedience training but Aggression Therapy Sessions; exposing them to their triggers. We addressed it each time they showed aggression, which means once the dog knew it could not get away with the behavior any longer with the Trainer it stopped. Once home the dog “may” test boundaries and it’s up to you to establish Leadership with your dog. It takes a few days for the dog to settle back into the home so please be patient with them. When they were with us they had “structure” and it helps if you continue that once they are home. Don’t overwork your dog as soon as it comes home, let them settle in and readjust.


  • Set your dog up for success at all times. Here is an example... If your dog comes to us with dog aggression and we teach it how to get along with other dogs and you bring your dog out and about and it so happens that another dog becomes aggressive with your dog… if your dog defends itself does not mean it’s aggressive. You have to remember not everyone has a trained and well mannered dog. So approach other people with dogs cautiously and under control. Because of this reason, this is why we do not recommend dog parks.


  • Remember you have a lifetime of Trainer Phone Support and Refresher Lessons. Call us if you have any questions or need anything. Our Customer Support line is (888) 949-6559.



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